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 1. Once You’ve Been in Love 2:56
     Michel Legrand, Marilyn Bergman, Alan Bergman
 2. At Seventeen 5:39
     Janis Ian
 3. I Have a Feeling 4:14
     Carroll Coates
 4. Goodbye Romance 3:22
     Ernest Lijoi
 5. Not Exactly Paris 3:52
     Michael Leonard, Russell George
 6. Manhattan in the Rain 4:59
     Duncan Lamont
 7. As Long as I Live 3:30
     Ernest Lijoi
 8. Too Long at the Fair 3:40
     Billy Barnes
 9. Mon Amant de Saint-Jean 4:00
     E. Carrara, L. Agel
     (English translation by Michael Sims)
     (whistler, Jim Porcella)
10. Love, Come Take Me Again 3:06
     Meredith Willson
11. Once Upon a Time 4:37
     Charles Strouse, Lee Adams
12. Cuando Te Fuiste De Mi 3:51
     Bobby Manrique
13. There’s Something About an Old Love 3:45
     Will Hudson, Lupin Fein, Irving Mills
14. Better to Have Loved 2:42
     Carroll Coates

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Produced by: Ida Zecco

Recorded, mixed, and mastered:
Thin Ice Productions/
Bob Patton
Booklet design/layout:
Will Sherwood

Music arranged and conducted by Dick Lowell

Ida Zecco
205 Cliff Avenue
Winthrop, MA 02152

I was blessed to have been able to record this collection of love songs;
some familiar, some deliciously not so familiar. Why 14 love ballads? For
me, when loves turns in an unexpected direction and forces me to recover and
come out on the other end the better for it—that’s a good thing and the
reason that these songs were chosen. My own story exists in the words and
music of this CD, yet, each song has its own story. And, for those who may
think the stories are only about love lost, I say: with love lost, comes
the hope of love; and with hope, all things are possible.

My sincere thanks to Carroll Coates for his composition, “Better To Have
Loved” which Carroll generously wrote for this CD, and I am eternally
grateful to him for this wonderful addition to the American Songbook. A
heartfelt thanks to Duncan Lamont for “Manhattan in the Rain;” Duncan, it
was a privilege to sing your words and music. Thanks to my dear friend Mary
Taylor who requested that I record “At Seventeen,” and to my good friend
Edith Sims whose beautiful rendition of “Mon Amant de Saint-Jean,” with
English lyrics so lovingly translated by her husband, Michael, inspired me
to record it here. Thanks also to my ever-ready, music historians and
researchers Brad Conner and Ben Sears; and to Trudi Mann and Bob Grimes for
finding and sending music that was difficult to put my hands on. Many
thanks for the hours and generous time given to me by Bob Patton, Engineer
and Proprietor of Thin Ice Productions. Your editing genius is deeply
appreciated—not to mention your finely tuned listening skills. My deepest
gratitude goes to my friend and consummate musician/arranger, Dick Lowell.
Dick, you have filled these songs with passion, life and heart! Lastly, to
Jim, my friend, partner and husband—you are the reason that it is “Better to
Have Loved”


Brad Hatfield – Piano
Mark Carlsen – Bass
Jack Menna – Drums
Jane Hemenway - Violin I
Lucy Pope - Violin I
Brian Clague - Violin II
Mimi Rabson - Violin II
Ella Lou Weiler - Viola
Cameron Sawzin - Cello
Johann Soults - Cello
Joe Smith - French Horn
Dave Burdett - Flugelhorn
Jeff Galindo - Trombone I & II
Matt Marvuglio - Flute
Tom Ferrante - Clarinet
John Baboian – Guitar
Evan Harland – Accordion
Mike Turk – Harmonica

Recorded, edited, and mastered at: Thin Ice Productions, North Andover, MA